Okay kids, and kids at heart,

After 29 years as your devoted puppet makers, this is our swan song. Our online store will be opened only until all of our puppet friends have trekked off to their new homes (yours?). They have become Collector's Items, with very limited numbers available. Buy them for your kids, buy them for yourselves or buy them and store them in a safety deposit box.

To all of you we say, "Thanks so very, very much."; This has been a rich and rewarding ride for all of us at Legends & Lore. We've heard your countless heartwarming stories and they have touched us deeply.

Puppets are wonderful toys.

They can teach both kids and adults all kinds of things. Why? Because folks tend to listen to puppets. Puppets are gentle, non-threatening friends that can do goofy things. They can be hilariously funny or poignantly sad. They can show a child how to brush his or her teeth just as well as they can teach about AIDS or how to do square roots.

Puppets Can Make a Difference!

We are very excited about this section of our site. It is our desire to share real-life puppet experiences with everyone. We hope by reading these stories you will be inspired to use puppets lots more often.

Do you have an amazing Puppet Story to tell? Please share it with the world. We want to hear from kids, parents, teachers, librarians, grandparents, puppeteers....everyone who has a puppet story to tell. Please contact us and tell us your puppet tales.

Childrens Poetry

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Fun Kid Stuff

We have some great children's poetry selections. These delightful poems are the perfect add on for any children's literature program. They are also a wonderful place to start looking for puppet script ideas.
Teachers be sure to visit our Teacher Resources Pages. There you will find loads of fun, creative puppet drama projects and ideas to add to your teacher lesson plans.
If you are wondering what to do with your kids today or you are in need of great children's activities go to our Fun Kid Stuff pages. Be sure to check out the great Free-Stuff-For-Kids, coloring pages, puppet play scripts, hand puppet patterns and kid's crafts.

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