Paper Maché Recipes
To make paper maché puppets, props or other fun stuff, mix up one of the pastes below. Mold your prop out of non-hardening clay and cover it with petroleum jelly. Tear news paper into strips about the size of a 12" ruler. For smaller project use smaller strips. Soak the strips in the paste. Apply to the mold. Cover with one or two layers and let dry for 24 hours. Do a few more layers and let dry again. Cut the whole thing in half. Take molding clay out. Tape paper maché forms back together. Put three or four or even five layers of paste soaked news paper strips over the tape. Make sure it covers the split well. Let dry. Paint.

Paper Maché Paste
3 cups water
1/2 cup flour
a drop or two of wintergreen

Mix the water and flour together in a large sauce pan. Use your hands if you can stand it. Your hands are the best tools to break up the little lumps of flour. Heat the mixture over a medium heat stirring constantly. Add a couple drops of wintergreen.

wintergreen is toxic. It smells like yummy gum but don't be tempted to taste it. You use wintergreen to retard molding. If you are going to use your paste right away leave it out. Make sure your project is well ventilated while drying. After a while the paste will thicken. When it does remove from the stove and let it cool.

Wheat Paste Method
Wheat paste or wall paper paste
Warm water
You can get wheat paste at most hardware stores or art supply stores. Mix wheat paste and water until it is thick and creamy. Store in a container with a tight lid. Use it within 2-3 days.

Glue Paste
Dilute white glue (like Elmers) 5 to 1.

Please use these recipes responsibly. Many of them require using the stove. Some require using ingredients that might be toxic or dangerous if ingested in quantity. Parents or Caretakers supervise your children. Thanks for being responsible.


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