Who Needs A Baby Brother?

This play is short and easy. You can use what ever puppets you have lying around. They certainly don't have to be human. In fact sometimes you will get your point across quicker with animal puppets. You will need a girl, a boy, a mom and a dad. Simply add hats, aprons etc to generate your characters.

Remember when you use the script, the instructions in the parenthesis () are just to tell the puppets what to do, you do not say those words out loud.

Samantha:    (pops up on stage. paces back and forth several times. she stops several times, looks out at the audience, starts to say something, then resumes her pacing. finally she stops, looks at the audience, sighs very long and loud) What a difference a week makes. Before this week, I liked my baby brother. Now, I've had it with him!!! So what? So he has learned to take a couple stupid little steps. (paces again)

Well, there were the steps and then he said that word. (to herself) Although it didn't seem much like a word to me.

Oh yes, let's not forget about that brand new shiny tooth.
Mommy said, "Come here Samantha, look at Jonathan's brand new tooth. Isn't it the most wonderful thing you have ever seen?" (paces) I wanted to say to Mommy, "No Mommy, it isn't the most wonderful thing I have ever seen! Look here Mommy (opens mouth with an AHHHHHHHHH sound) These are the most wonderful things I have ever seen."

(Sighs deeply) On Monday, Jonathan got a tooth. Mommy and Daddy about went nuts, taking pictures and calling friends (paces more) On Tuesday he took a step. Humph!!! But he saved the best for Wednesday.

(Mommy and Jonathan pop up on the other side of the stage)
Mommy and I were in the living room playing Shoots and Ladders when Jonathan said:

Jonathan:     (looks at audience and speaks loudly and clearly) Maba Yad.

Mommy:     (jumps back) Did you hear that Samantha? Jonathan just said Mommy.

Mommy: (Daddy pops up on stage next to Mommy and Jonathan) Listen Stan. (looks at Jonathan) Come on Jonathan you wonderful baby, say it again for Daddy. (looks to Daddy) Jonathan just said 'Mommy'.

Jonathan: (looks at Mommy then at Daddy, then at the audience...he nods a cocky nod and say loudly) Daba Yad.

Daddy: No Grace, you are wrong. He isn't saying Mamma, he is saying Daddy. Oh Jonathan, you are such a smart boy!

Samantha: (make sure she has responded to the past happening of events) Then both Mommy and Daddy smiled and laughed (Mommy and Daddy laugh) and hugged each other. (Mommy and Daddy hug, stating how smart Jonathan is while doing so..then they exit down stage.) What else could I do? I looked out the window at the park. (turns and looks off stage with a deep, dramatic sigh)

Jonathan (crawls slowly over to Samantha) Saba Yad? (the first one is questioning and soft) Saba Yad? (stronger this time, pulling himself up from a crawling position and taking two steps) Saba Yad! (she turns and he falls into her arms, they embrace)

Samantha (looks at the audience) He said, "Saba Yad". That's not Mommy, that's not Daddy, that's Samantha! That's me. (looks at Jonathan) Oh Jonathan, I think we can get along just fine. Do you want to learn how to play Shoots and Ladders? Come on Jonathan, follow me, I'll teach you everything you need to know. (all puppets pop up, bow and exit)


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